betchaCOLEven the GOP is distancing itself from her–Sarah who?  But this makes you wonder why right-wing outlets like Fox  News continue to put her on the air when she, once again, is proving to be an embarrassment to the party.  I guess she still appeals to the all-important nut-bag faction of the base.

Time + experience

canCOLSince Obama’s first term he’s gone from optimism that a collective “we” could produce change, to a battle-weary recognition that his political opposition will actually sue him for attempting to do his job.  What a long, strange trip it’s been.  And what a gray-hair-inducing trip.

Run for the border

driveCOLWe’re hearing a lot of people who say it’s simple:  send ’em back.  But that ignores the moral dilemma of sending clearly desperate people back to the situations that made them desperate in the first place.