chartCOLThe horribly botched rollout was duly covered by the media, but its subsequent successes are getting far less–or no–attention.  The media has moved on to the next shiny object that grabs its eye.

Well suited

ebolaCOLI don’t have any experience with ebola–thank God–but I have tangled with skin cancer a few times.  The growth in the number of Americans who’ve developed the disease is enough to make you never want to leave the house without a hazmat suit.  Overkill?  Perhaps.


civiliansCOLFirst, both sides are at fault in this conflict.  But Israel is the side funded by U.S. dollars and that professes to be trying to avoid civilian casualties.  Its bombing of schools and hospitals is horrifying to see and morally repugnant.  And, yes, Hamas betrays its own people when it continues rocket attacks that it knows will result in deadly retaliation that will Gaza’s children.


boxCOLThe Russian separatists are beginning to return bodies to the Netherlands, but the treatment of the remains and personal items has been inept and downright disgusting.  Once they’re analyzed we’ll see how well the black boxes were treated.


crashCOLPutin may not have launched the missiles himself, but by putting sophisticated weapons in the hands of separatist thugs he set in motion the series of events that culminated in this tragic loss of life.