Stand clear

bufferCOL-2This is. of course, a reference to the court striking down a Massachusetts law that required a buffer zone outside of abortion clinics.  It just seemed natural that congress should have such a zone between itself and the outside world.

Same old song



When it comes to advice about what the U.S. should do in Iraq, there seems to be no shortage of opinion from those who got us into that bloody fiasco in the first place.  And the media plays along, giving air time to these pinheads who just keep singing the same old song.

Sticky situation

caseyCOLThose of us in Wisconsin know that Scott Walker is a talented politician.  And so far his penchant for skirting ethical boundaries hasn’t seemed to tarnish him much with his supporters.  But as his profile grows, so does the scrutiny.  Stay, as they say, tuned.